Our Science: The Goldspire Immunotherapy Platform

Harnessing the full antigen signature of solid tumors

Informed by decades of research, Imvax’s platform elegantly turns the complexity of a solid tumor against itself by capturing its complete antigenic signature and converting it into a highly immunostimulatory ‘training program’. This is designed to deliver both innate and adaptive immune stimulation to overcome the challenges of solid tumors’ variability and ability to suppress the immune system.

Our Goldspire platform

Imvax’s Goldspire platform is a personalized, whole tumor-derived, cell-based autologous immunotherapy that delivers a full tumor antigen payload to patients by combining patient-derived tumor cells and an antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (IMV-001) against insulin-like growth factor type 1 receptor (IGF-1R). This combination is loaded into implantable, proprietary biodiffusion chambers (BDCs). Our platform is designed to be incorporated into the standard of care. In the graphic below, click into the two major steps unique to Imvax’s platform to learn more. Click here for a detailed downloadable summary of Goldspire's mechanism.

Day 1

Patient admitted to hospital

Day 2

Antigen signature preparation

Day 3

Immune system training

Day 4

Patient leaves hospital

Day 5

Standard of care proceeds

Unique advantages of the Goldspire platform against solid tumors


Full antigenic signature capture

Imvax’s Goldspire platform exposes the full antigenic signature of a patient’s tumor to the immune system, providing an opportunity for a broader anti-tumor effect compared with single antigen-targeting therapies.


Broad spectrum immune activation

Imvax’s Goldspire platform delivers immunotherapy that is personalized to a patient’s entire unique tumor and incorporates mechanisms that stimulate both the innate and adaptive immune system. This broad-spectrum effect, when used in combination, also may enhance the effects of other immunotherapies.


No ‘off-target’ effects

Imvax’s Goldspire platform trains the immune system to comprehensively recognize the full antigenic signature of a patient’s unique tumor. Because the immune system ignores a patient’s own antigens, Imvax’s approach should avoid immune responses not directed to the tumor itself.


Less than 24-hour tissue processing

Imvax’s Goldspire platform uses a rapid tumor tissue processing technology to prepare the proprietary BDCs for implantation. By contrast, many emerging therapies targeting one or a small number of antigens require complex manufacturing procedures, such as gene editing and cell expansions, that can take several weeks.


Integrated into the ‘standard of care’

Imvax’s Goldspire platform can fit within the existing standard of care for patients with resectable solid tumors. Within days of tumor resection surgery, Imvax processes the tumor cells and the BDCs are then implanted in the patient and explanted 48-hours later. The patient’s immune system training begins immediately, after which they can continue with traditional standard-of-care therapies.


Research, Development, and Manufacturing Overview