Our Science

Harnessing the full antigen signature of solid tumors

Informed by decades of research, Imvax’s platform elegantly turns the complexity of a solid tumor against itself by capturing its complete antigenic signature and converting it into a highly immunostimulatory ‘training program’. This is designed to deliver both innate and adaptive immune stimulation to overcome the challenges of solid tumors’ variability and ability to suppress the immune system.

Our immunotherapy platform

Imvax’s platform is a multi-step process designed to deliver personalized, whole tumor-derived immunotherapies. It relies on multiple validated technologies and can be incorporated into the standard of care for cancer. Click into the major two steps unique to Imvax’s platform to find out more.

Day 0
Day 1

Patient admitted to hospital

Day 2

Antigen signature preparation

Day 3

Immune system training

Day 4
Day 4

Patient leaves hospital

Day 5

Standard of care proceeds

Unique advantages against solid tumors

Full antigenic signature capture

Imvax’s platform bypasses the defenses of solid tumors and fully exposes their antigenic signature to an enhanced immune system, providing an opportunity for a broader anti-tumor effect without the selection pressure created by single antigen-targeting therapies.

Broad spectrum immune activation

Imvax’s platform delivers immunotherapy that is autologous – personalized to a patient’s entire unique tumor – and incorporates multiple mechanisms that stimulate both the innate and adaptive immune system. This broad spectrum effect could potentially also enhance the effects of other immunotherapies used in combination.

No ‘off-target’ effects

Imvax’s platform trains the immune system to comprehensively address a tumor’s entire antigenic signature. Because the immune system ignores ‘self’ antigens, Imvax’s platform inherently does not encourage off-tumor immune attack.

Overnight tissue processing

Imvax’s platform uses overnight tumor tissue processing to prepare its proprietary chambers for implantation. By contrast, many emerging therapies targeting one or a small number of antigens are difficult and lengthy to manufacture and require further layers of complex processing like gene editing.

Integrated into the ‘standard of care’

Imvax’s platform begins with tumor samples from resection, commonly part of the standard of care for solid tumors. Rapid transition to the implantation step also facilitates integration into the standard of care.

Research, Development, and Manufacturing Overview